Sharing Different Heartbeats

I'm very mellow right now. When I listen to one of these songs, relaxation enters in. Especially the cover "Heartbeats" by José Gonzalez, it's a beautiful acoustic song with beautiful lyrics. The original is by "The Knife"(the song is on this blog somewhere). I highly recommend it.

Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats

Beck - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes

Rilo Kiley - Silver Lining

Bob Marley - Redemption Song

Incubus - Oil and Water



I've been re-thinking about everything lately.
People's judgments.
All the things I've done, and how it would reflect in the after life.
Some of these songs reflect it, while some of them just make me feel better.

Jack Johnson - Better Together

The Academy is... - Checkmarks
India.Arie - Growth
Stars - Take Me To The Riot
Muse - Hyper Music


In this forgotten space race.

Yes I am a big fat liar.
I'm supposed to update every few days, I know but whatever "shit happens". Like SCHOOL, or LIFE, or A MAJOR ASSHOLE who needs to be pimp smacked.
I finally said it.
and he does need to be pimp smacked and you know it. But it won't be by me, nopers. I don't want his cooties, or a suspension.

I've just noticed how immature I was with that message, however I needed it to be out there. I am a Homosapien after all.

Since I can't remember EVERYTHING that happened this week/last. I'm going to post songs that fit the memories.
Last words.
You're an asshole

Muse - Stockholm Syndrome(Absolution)

Lightspeed Champion - Let the Bitches Die(Falling Off the Lavender Bridge)
The National - Mistaken For Strangers(Boxer)
No Doubt - Don't Speak(Tragic Kingdom)
She & Him - Sentimental Heart(Volume One)
Sufjan Stevens - The Dress Looks Nice On You(Seven Swans)
The Kills - Cheep and Cheerful(Midnight Boom)
Fields - You Fail We All Fail(Everything Last Winter)
Ben Folds Featuring Regina Spektor - You Don't Know Me(Way To Normal)
Bloc Party - I Still Remember(A Weekend in the City)
The Academy is... - Slow Down(Almost Here)


hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.....say that 5 times fast.

Wow, I actually made a blog.
My first blog ever.
Okay I'm done my "awe" moment.

Well, I made this blog because I wanted to show off my playlist and how it's cooler than you. Instead of the boring playlist, I thought I'd compare it to my week/day/few hours. yeah I know nothing new shut up. I have a huge music selection on my computer as is, so it won't ALL be the same genre, a lot of alternative music though.

I'm not going to talk about my week because 1. It will start some stupid drama 2. Try to use your brain and make some relation to it. 3. It's too long and I'll go COMPLETELY off topic.

Sunday - The Wombats- Let's Dance to Joy Division (Proudly Presents, A guide to love, loss & Desperation)
Monday - Cobra Starship - Hollaback Boy (Loves You)
Tuesday - Muse - Glorious (Black Holes and Revelations B-side)
Wednesday - Vampire Weekend - Campus (Vampire Weekend)
Thursday -Beck - Timebomb
Friday - Bottle Up and Go - Wayward Son (These Bones)